Mentor Group

Why Am I Doing This?

In recent months I’ve had increasing number of inquiries regarding how to get started in the craft. I love that, it’s why I do all the talks I do and circulate in as many groups as possible, for those that find an interest in a pagan path should be helped as much as possible. If we have skills and experience we should share them.

To that end, and to offer something more than me off-loading my book list and pointers to groups, never to see the enquirer again, and due to feeling some gilt that I should be more supportive I am considering setting up a more structured approach to helping.

While I don’t have a fixed tradition and therefore can’t offer a formal coven initiation training, I can still provide support and assistance in a wide eclectic approach and be there to badger, encourage and support those in the tough and confusing early stage of their pagan path through a mentor coven.

If this develops in to more, such as support for those in an established tradition who want to explore a new area, so be it. As too my own particular craft, should there be an interest in learning of the mysteries of my own goddess then perhaps then I might add some kind of formal training in that. Who knows? 🙂

Those that know me know I am always willing to explore and challenge.

Obviously those that are close to me in Kent we can be a lot more hands on with regular meetings individually or in group at key points of the year, but I might consider those outside the area for a more distance based approach. Don’t feel you are out of luck if you are far from me. Just ask!

Where Will This Group/Coven Be?

As I live in Dover there will be some aspects that help being close to me. Canterbury too offers some options for I had been running talks and workshops at Pure Magik there and the most recent series of classes on beginners witchcraft offers scope to either combine and/or run another session focusing on this coven. Unfortunately that shop is no longer around.

The physical meetings were around the main festival points of the year as well as any other requirement to get together.

Of course if you are not close to me, then as I say above, still do make contact as I’ve been running on-line classes in Second Life for many years and know there is a demand out there to learn.

Anyway, stay tuned as demand from members has lead to me planning a number of possibilities. One will definitely be a local moot at a pub on a weekend a few times during the year, there is also a local park that is showing increasing pagan activity so I think we can join in too. And I will be increasing my online material for those that can’t make it to any physical events through this blog or through online courses.

If you are particuarly interested in Kemetic practices then do take a look at the Kemetic Temple UK forum.

What Is The Deal?

So far my initial thoughts are that there should be some commitments from both sides in this.

My commitments to you and the coven

  • I will answer and guide to the best of my knowledge and abilities those that seek a pagan spiritual path.
  • If I don’t know I will be honest and we will work together to find what it is you need (I don’t know everything).
  • I will learn about your needs and guide, prompt and remind you that to listen to yourself and to stay on track as much as possible to what we decide is suitable for you and the coven.
  • Our interactions will be varied and depending on time and location can be face-to-face, in a group or via other methods of communications as we find suitable.
  • Privacy will be paramount and your identity will not be disclosed unless you permit it or it is a legal requirement for me to disclose.

Your commitments to me and the coven/group

  • You will, to the best of your abilities, work towards finding your path.
  • It takes time and effort so please be aware there is no instant answer. This is real life, not The Matrix!
  • Be considerate of the time and privacy, of both mine and that of other members of the coven. This will be a time consuming activity, and instant response may or may not be to your expectations. Best effort will however be made.
  • If at any time there is a concern please voice it. At no time should you feel pressured into doing something you do not feel comfortable with.


This is a two way thing. You show commitment and I will return that with my time. Also note, there is no requirement to pay me, this is not a money making thing. I want to do this to ensure the craft continues.

Let me know if you are interested in such an idea using the contact form at the bottom.

Bright blessings



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Note: Jan 2023 – Please be aware that I am no longer running any of the above. Still feel free to drop a message if you are looking for help as I can often point you in the right direction or other groups etc.